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We’re a company of challenge seekers designing, engineering and delivering high-tech facilities for our clients. What drives us every day is the promise of tomorrow. Do you also feel the thrill of knowing you’re contributing to the future of technology? 

Join Exyte now and work for some of the world’s most innovative industries: Advanced Technology Facilities (ATF), Biopharma & Life Sciences (BLS), and Data Centers (DTC). Wherever technology is, we’re there, too. And we’re calling out for a variety of experts to join us. From consultants and planners, to engineers and designers. From project management and construction specialists, to equipment and services experts. Commissioning, qualification, and validation are also highly relevant for us. 

As a truly global organization, we are on a constant journey of transformation to optimize how we work. That’s why you can also make a difference in the fields of IT, HR, legal, finance, and communications. 

Whether you work at one of our global sites or at our headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, one thing remains true: we’ll empower you to perform at the top of the game, while developing your skills for the road ahead.  

Our values are our core

We live "safety first"

We are committed to an incident-free workplace where everyone goes home safe. We extend our safety advocacy beyond company walls. We put people and their well-being at the heart of everything we do.


We act with integrity the whole time

We are trustworthy and reliable – always endeavoring to do the right thing. We build relationships with our clients, business partners, and colleagues on a foundation of honesty and transparency. We comply with our code of conduct, policies, and all applicable laws and regulations.


We collaborate as one team

We cultivate an open and transparent environment based on mutual respect. We celebrate inclusion and diversity. We connect expertise by building solution-driven teams and appreciate both individual and team contributions. We communicate effectively.


We commit to excellence

We take pride in our industry-leading competence and expertise. We encourage and enable our people to achieve their full potential. We adhere to high quality standards. We translate our excellence into project execution in an efficient, pragmatic, and timely way. We focus on sustainable growth and profitability.


We shape the future

We actively drive the trends and innovations that will shape tomorrow’s world. We continuously learn and improve to meet future needs. We embrace new ideas and creativity. We act sustainably to build a better future for generations to come.

Future Focus

We are dedicated

We carry responsibility and accountability in our everyday work. We actively take ownership of our actions. We strive to overcome all hurdles to keep our commitments. We go the extra mile to achieve successful results. We bring inspiration and dedication to everything we do.


Thinking and acting sustainably

We’re committed to sustainable practices everywhere we make human, economic, and ecological impacts. All over the world, we live by our Code of Conduct and Core Values, which provide our standards for operating safely and ethically within the business landscape globally.

We see ourselves as part of the societies in which we operate and we expect responsible behavior not only from our own people, but from our supply chains as well. Diversity and inclusion are embedded in our culture. We enforce a no-tolerance policy on discrimination and nurture fair and respectful collaboration among employees and business partners.

Within the wider community, we step up to our role as leaders for positive change through numerous charitable and non-profit organizations and initiatives. One such charity is Care for Kids, founded by Exyte employees in 2005, which supports the education and health of children and young people worldwide.



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Combatting climate change

Climate change is a serious challenge and we’re proud to champion sustainable ecological practices in ourselves, our supply chains, and our clients. We’re focused on reducing our emissions and reducing waste cycles during engineering and construction of facilities, as well as optimizing the environmental impact of our products throughout their entire life cycles.

In the semiconductor industry, managing chemical waste is a big priority. Here, the combined knowledge of Exyte’s global ATF team of experts is critical to developing efficient, safe, and reliable waste management approaches and meeting our clients’ sustainability goals.

As a global market leader, Exyte is well positioned to drive initiatives for the future of sustainable energy. One example is »2-Degrees – German Companies for Climate Protection«. Founded by Exyte and five other companies, this corporate trust is establishing a common goal to work together with science and society towards a concrete solution for climate protection for the long term.

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Working with us is more than just a job

Joining our global organization offers a great package of opportunities. Apart from the job itself, you’ll benefit from our strong partnership with our clients – the big players in relevant high-tech industries. What’s more – you’ll work together with great colleagues on future technologies.

Welcome at Exyte!

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At home around the world

We follow our clients to where they realize their projects. Hence our teams are active in multiple locations throughout Europe, Asia, and America. The roots of our company originate in Germany. This is also where our headquarters are located. 

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